Exhibition 2023 - Butterfly Effect

Exhibition 2023 – Butterfly Effect

Info ‘Butterfly Effect’ is the latest body of work that explores the physical world alongside the imagine world of computer …
Exhibition 2022 - Masked Identity

Exhibition 2022 – Masked Identity

Info Masked is a study in the physical changing of identify by the application of …
Exhibition 2022 - Coastal Open

Exhibition 2022 – Coastal Open

Info Two photographs were submitted and successfully selected for inclusion at the coastal open. One …
Exhibition 2021 - Coastal Open

Exhibition 2021 – Coastal Open

Info These images were created during my research for a Points of Departure project. Exhibition …
Project 2021 - Manchester Urban Abstracts

Project 2021 – Manchester Urban Abstracts

Info Created during a trip to Manchester with the objective of photographing the city as …




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