MA Photography with Falmouth Flexible

The MA Photography Award aims to develop creative practitioners who are:

  • Inquisitive, innovative and outward-looking professionals.
  • Able to embrace multi-disciplined approaches within the making and contextualization of their practice.
  • Strong communicators, able to confidently collaborate with other professionals on a global scale.
  • Able to sustain the quality of their practice by being able to analyse and discuss their practice from a range of critical perspectives; including historical, philosophical, ethical and economic standpoints.
  • Able to inspire others and take leading roles within the arts sector and creative industries.

Critical Research Journal Subject

Points of Departure – Tilbury to Harwich is a journey along the Essex coast while considering the future prospects for the United Kingdom after the 29th March 2019 when a new relationship will exist between the European Union and the United Kingdom in the form of the EU Withdrawal Agreement or maybe a no deal scenario.

MA Photography

Module 0: Induction
Module 1: Positions and Practice
Module 2: Informing Contexts
Module 3: Surfaces and Strategies
Module 4: Sustainable Prospects
Module 5: Final Major Project
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