The Explorer’s Eye

I have been a photographer for over 30 years and have amassed a diverse body of work over the years that is unique in the breadth and depth of subjects explored.  I like to take a global perspective in my appreciation of photography yet undoubtedly my home county of Essex, UK, acts as the fulcrum and repeatedly appears in my image making.  Having worked for a period in the Netherlands which I attribute to a rediscovery of photography as a creative outlet for my stories, I returned to the county of my birth full time in 2010. 

My work displays a warm affinity for Essex through an ongoing body of work which explores the coastline; its diverse edge condition, both the hardness of the docks and soft, organic erosion that exposes new earthly forms. I am comfortable with this paradox of place and my work has developed a rhythm of the waves that are cyclical yet never repeated. I adopt traditional techniques of image making yet experiment to create new possibilities that advance the methodology that remains at the core of practice.  

I journey and I dwell,  my work is worthy of the gaze that can divine the meaning and complexity that is infused into the images.

I am inquisitive to to my very core.  I takes joy in exploration and this leads to an uncovering of history, place and people. My work is expressed through an engaging narrative that invites the reader to join me on a journey into, through and around my subjects. My perambulations and the pleasantly muted colour palette show a conscious visual control of the multiplicity of my subjects.

I have recently completed an MA in Photography with Falmouth University’s Institute of Photography.

Birthday: 2 September

Favorite quote: Carpe Diem

Hobbies: Snowboarding, Motorbikes, Cycling and Cooking


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