Essex Ports – Research

The journey along the Essex coast is book ended by two ports Tilbury and Harwich as part of my research of the project and to link my Brexit narrative to the Essex coast I felt it was appropriate to conduct some research into the current role or these two ports with respect to trade with Europe.

Tilbury is responsible for the following trade grain, animal, paper and forest products  were traded with Europe.

Harwich is responsible for the following container goods as a gateway to Scandinavia and Europe trading 3.7 million tonnes of freight a year.

Trade is one of the key points of the negotiation for the new deal with the European Union. The two ports provide the economic context to the project and the photographs a deal that does not result in some form of fluid trade is likely to impact the overall prosperity of the country and without income the ability of the government provide social support will be severely impaired.








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