Research – EU Withdrawal Agreement

Having collected and read many news articles on the state of the negotiations to reach an agreed settlement for the United Kingdom’s departure for the European Union I was becoming concerned as to how I could align the Brexit Journey to the coastal journey between Tilbury and Harwich. The later journey having a clear structure based on geography. The former was proving more challenging to describe a path that could be followed given the differing opinions being expressed in government and the press (I am reminded of the nature of Fractal forms where when you zoom in a new level of detail is exposed.)

After further research I came across the draft EU Withdrawal Agreement a document of 130 pages with multiple articles (, 2018.) Taking a step back from the detail of the document I realised that the document was constructed of a number of sections that addressed the important aspects of a future agreement. Sections in the document include: Citizen’s Rights, Transitions and Financial Institutions. After careful consideration I decided that the 7 sections would allow me to split the photographs into smaller groups similar to the Paul Graham ‘Shimmer of Possibility’ layout (, 2018)


Draft EU Withdrawal Agreement



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