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During the Falmouth Face to Face event one piece of advice I was given by Anna-Maria Pfab was to submit work to open calls to help increase my visibility within the exhibition circles portfolio-clinic-anna-and-stella-f2f-workshop. Through internet research I discovered that Picter have a website that hosts different open calls which I am using a source to identify relevant open calls for an emerging photographer such as myself.

In March there were 3 open calls that I felt I had relevant bodies of work that meet the criteria.

Lithuanian Photographers Association (Lithuanian Photographers Association, 2018) for this open call I submitted work from points of departure as I felt the work meet brief of not being previously exhibited which is not true for ‘Last Person to Leave Turn off the Tap’ which was exhibited in October 2017.

Minimum Der Grief Momentum (Mōmentum, 2018) required a smaller selection of images up to 4 that focused on the subject of momentum. For this open call I selected three images from ‘Points of Departure’ that encapsulate momentum. I selected an image looking along Southend-on-Sea Pier, the footstep captured in the frost at Ha’penny Pier and the final image from the last modules work in progress work-in-progress-sustainable-prospects.

Landskrona Foto Festival (Landskrona Foto, 2018) required up to 3 images that related to the theme So far’ (until now, up till / to now, up to this point, as yet, thus far, up to the present, until / till the present, to date, by this time). For this submission I selected the two rephotography images from ‘Last Person to Leave Turn off the Tap’ work-in-progress-portfolio-assignment as the represent the passing of time from the opening of the Filter house to the state of the building today.



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