Terminal Auction – Activity

In April the Auction was announced to sell the remain contents of Heathrow Terminal 1 that was closed in 2015. Airports use iconography to make it easy for use to find our way to the departure gates and catch the correct plan. Terminal 1 was used for short haul flights to Europe, for a short period terminal 1 became a weekly part of my commute to work as a result of an assignment with IBM Denmark to develop a trading system for a Danish Bank. I would arrive at Heathrow Terminal 1 for 5:30 on a Monday and return their on a Friday evening at 8:00pm. This was my first overseas assignment for work and was significant in the fact my some of my ancestors emigrated from Denmark to come and work in the United Kingdom at the end of the 19th century. 

I therefore decided to bid on a number of pieces that I could incorporate into my exhibition that reference departures. The Auction had multiple items that reference departures and with some items selling for £1,000 to £2,000 I decided to only bid on items that would not blow my budget. I was successful on 3 lots.

Check-in Monitor B1, Heathrow Terminal 1, April 2018
Departure gates sign, Heathrow Terminal 1, April 2018
Cabin baggage size gauge, Heathrow Terminal 1, April 2018

The Check-in monitor will be used to host a multi-media piece related the still images. The departures gates sign will direct people to the main body of the exhibition plus to the the piece of work displayed on the check-in monitor. At the current time further experimentation is required to determine how I will incorporate the Cabin baggage size gauge into the exhibition.

My next task is to arrange collection of the pieces and once I have them home determine their exact position within the exhibition.

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