Harwich – Project


Harwich Pier


To record the scenes around Ha’penny Pier in Harwich. The pier had been photographer earlier in the project on two separate occasions harwich-pier-project and harwich-pier-revisited-project

Equipment Used

Canon 5Ds with Sigma 35mm f1.4, Tripod and remote trigger


Due the wide dynamic range of the scenes it was decided to bracket the exposures and then merge them in the pre-post production step to create High Dynamic Range images that would then be taken into post production.


Harwich Ferry Terminal, Harwich, March 2018
Harwich Pier, March 2018

Research References

No additional research material was identified for the shoot.

Assessment of outcome

In the case of Ha’penny Pier in Harwich because it is a working pier I decided to record some of the activity visible from the pier including the loading of a ferry the image fits in with the theme of departure, though getting a balanced image during the blue hour with the light emitting from the ferry was a challenge though use of bracketing helped address that issue.

The other image recorded the still waters around the pier and the multiple jetties that exist for the different vessels that use Harwich. There is an interesting balance between the water and the manmade structures that intrude entering the frame from multiple directions. This contrasts with almost empty sky which acts as negative space in the image.

Similar to the other shoots the horizon line has been captured at different levels in the frame to provide multiple options for the way the work will be exhibited.


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