Exhibition publicity – Activity

My Exhibition is not until the start of August however with there being many exhibitions for people to visit I felt it made sense to start the ground work in terms of publicity for the exhibition. 

Based on the talk by Christiane Monarchi on PhotoMonitor I decided to contact Christiane to get an initial listing for the exhibition. The exhibition is still work in progress as I work through the final details and therefore I decided to request a basic listing which is free rather than have a paid listing where the contents might still flex over the next 3 months while I continue to shoot more content for the project.

I approached the Black and White Photography Magazine who list photographic exhibitions.  They require at least 10 weeks notice of future exhibitions which works based on the timing for my exhibition. I emailed Elizabeth Roberts with details typically included in show lists plus contextual information about myself and the project including reference to the ‘The Great British Seaside’ exhibition that includes work from photographers Martin Parr, David Hurn, Tony Ray-Jones and Simon Roberts(Royal Museums Greenwich | UNESCO World Heritage Site In London, 2018). 

There is further groundwork that I need to undertake with respect to publicity which includes providing 5th Base Gallery with exhibition details plus contacting WhiteChapel Gallery to see if they will include my work in their 1st Thursday tour on top of a listing with their calendar for August.


  • Royal Museums Greenwich | UNESCO World Heritage Site In London. (2018). The Great British Seaside | Royal Museums Greenwich. [online] Available at: https://www.rmg.co.uk/see-do/great-british-seaside [Accessed 16 Mar. 2018]. 
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