Harwich Pier Revisited – Project


Harwich Pier


The intent of the shoot was to revisit Harwich Pier and capture additional images to broaden the selection of Harwich Pier images for consideration in the final WIP selection. A priority was to capture landscape images of the deck of the pier plus some rubbing images that were not created during the first visit.

Equipment Used:

Selected Canon 5DS and 24-70mm f2.8 for lens based image creation and for the non-lens based image making was done using black art paper and silver crayons.


The methodology adopted was the same as previous pier shoots where I started by shooting close up images of the superstructure in portrait format then establishing images of the promenade desk. Walking the length of the promenade allowed me to identify interesting surfaces that I identified for non-lens based reproduction.



Research References:

No new research activities where conducted for the pier. The techniques used for the earlier shoots were refined during the shoot including taking rubbings of other parts of the pier and surrounding area.

Assessment of Outcome:

For this visit to Harwich pier I abandoned any thought of capturing non-lens based traces as the frost on the ground created its own form of trace material allowing me to capture the tread of shoes of people who had walked on the deck earlier in the morning.



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