Portfolio Review – Mandy Jandrell – F2F Workshop

During the face to face event at Falmouth I arranged a number of portfolio reviews. For my review with Mandy Jandrell I shared the portfolio of images from the different projects I have developed during the MA fine-art-portfolio-18th-february-2018. Michelle was provided useful feedback plus an number of contemporary photographers to consider.

Mandy identified the following themes when review the portfolio:

The images have a strong industrial feel to the work  especially those from the ‘Last person to leave’ and ‘Points of departure’.

The images were all post Victorian in style though a number of the pier structures pre-date the Victorian era especially Ha’penny Pier in Harwich.

The images capture the decay evident within the subjects.

Mandy suggested I look at the following artists to help with the development of my project


  • Read Willie Doherty Seeing Beyond the Pale (Williedoherty.com, 2018)
  • John Kippen for use of typography (johnkippen.com, 2018)


  • Johnkippin.com. (2018). John Kippin, Fine Art Photographer. [online] Available at: http://johnkippin.com/biography.html [Accessed 20 Feb. 2018].
  • Williedoherty.com. (2018). SEEING BEYOND THE PALE The Photographic Works of Willie Doherty | Willie Doherty. [online] Available at: http://williedoherty.com/content/seeing-beyond-pale-photographic-works-willie-doherty [Accessed 20 Feb. 2018].
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