Viewers Make Meaning – Preparation

When reviewing an image to select for the discussion “Viewers Make Meaning” I was initially unsure which image from my practice to share given the diversity of the projects that contribute to define my practice. Initially I was going to share an image from my main project but for me the work is still very much at the experimental stage and I do not feel ready to share an image from the walks in 2016 because I felt they lacked strength to stand as a single image. The next option I considered was to use an image from our cat show on Saturday the 11th however when reviewing the images I felt they were more like snapshots that pictures that are representative of my practice.


The image I selected of the discussion was from a mini-project that I started to research at Christmas. The project is about childhood memories based on photography taken by my father using positive film. When I was growing up my father travelled frequently for work and when away he would take his camera and when he returned from those trips we would watch the slideshows from those trips. The pictures from those trips are interlaced with family pictures. I decided to merge these two distinct sets of images. It was one of those images that I posted for the discussion. The selected composite consists of a picture of my brother standing in a field next to a scarecrow and my uncle’s house in New Jersey, USA.


More information on the childhood memories mini-project will be added to my CRJ as the project develops.

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