Portfolio Review – Lynn Chamber – F2F Workshop

During the face to face event at Falmouth I arranged a number of portfolio reviews. For my review with Lynn Chambers I shared the fashion and lifestyle portfolio of images fashion-and-lifestyle-portfolio-18th-february-2018 that I have built up over the last 4 years to gauge how commercial the work is compared to the fine art images that have been my focus during the MA.

Lynn’s feedback on the portfolio was that the work was technically competent. She asked about the size of the creative team involved in the images. She wondered how I might react to producing work that is not self-commissioned. My full-time job requires me to work within guidelines set by others which I think would aid the transition to working with a creative team. 

She suggested that give my plans for my practice to operate alongside my current job I should explore working with start-ups because they potentially have greater flexibility in terms of schedule and there is the potential to have greater creative input into the collaborative process of creating images.


  • Post the MA I should look to invest time in networking with start-up organisations who need images in house or for advertising campaigns.
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