Steph Cosgrove Portfolio Review – F2F Workshop

During the face to face event at Falmouth I arranged a number of portfolio reviews. For my review with Steph Cosgrove I shared the portfolio of images from the different projects I have developed during the MA fine-art-portfolio-18th-february-2018.

Steph has not seen my work since the Informing Contexts module and at the end of the module and during the visit to UnSeen in Amsterdam she expressed an interesting in seeing a broader set of my work. We review the images within the portfolio she did not feel the wildlife (National Geographic style) images were particularly interesting or the images from gymnastic shoot.

She did think that the ‘Last person to leave..’ and ‘Points of Departure’ where much more interesting. The remainder of the conversation focused on the later images as they represent the direction of travel for the final major project. She commented in the typographical approach to recording different aspects of the piers along the coastline. She felt the piers represented a liminal space. Though currently she felt the images did not directly speak to Brexit per se.

She suggested I looked at Charlotte Cotton’s book to consider how I can make more use of photographic language to convey my message. She suggested I look at the work of Dan Holdsworth who I am familiar with having attended a talk by Dan at last year’s PhotoLondon show.


  • Review Charlotte Cotton’s book to look for photographic language that can be introduced into the work to convey my message
  • Review Dan Holdsworth for inspiration


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