Project Research: Photographic Influences CJ Clarke

Following the desicion to base my research project on the Essex Coastline and idea of presenting a different side to Essex that the stereo typical view that has come to exist following tabloid portrail of the inhabitants of Essex through terms such as “White Van Man” and “Essex Girl” I discovered an article in the British Journal of Photography on the photographer CJ Clarke who published a book about Basildon. This prompted me to ask the question will my project be ¬†sufficiently different from his work. his work has used a photojournalist if approach to capture images that tell a store of the people that live in Basildon a town that is now viewed as a barometer of national political opinion especially in light of the European Referrendum where Basildon vote for Brexit.

My project attempts to challenge the stereotypical view of my home county but does it from a different perspective. However I have decided to contact CJ Clarke to understand more about his project. He has agreed to answer my question which I hope will give my additional insight that can help shape my research project.

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