I mentioned in my entry Sea of Images that I would like my bodies of work to be considered as art rather than exclusively photography.  I have been doing some research on techniques used by artists that would allow me to transform my layered images into 3 dimensional pieces of art. During that research I  discovered Ardan Ozmenoglu and I was especially impressed her use 3D within the piece consisting of multiple layers of glass. It reminded me of early photographer where images where exposed on to glass plates. The glass plates is 2 dimensional representation of our 3 dimensional world, yet by stacking those glass images the artist is able to regenerate the 3rd dimension. I really liked the playful nature of the work and the fact she challenges the viewer to reconsider familiar images and ideas.

Red Tree (2012) was the piece that held my gaze. 

I felt the technique worth transfer across well to my multi-layer images such as “Undergorund Commuter Walking” (2017) Holborn. To validate this concept and to help me understand how technique might translate to my main project Tilbury 2 Harwich I decide to schedule meeting with my printers to explore options. 

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