Tomato Soup – Commissioning Brief

Friday morning 3rd March we have just completed week six of the second module the MA and it I sense that the cohort are running out of energy and we are just one third the way through this module. I certainly feel the need for a theme to focus that will allow me to present new work for discussion while I continue to evolve and develop my projects. In module one we had a number of mini-projects that helped to inject fresh just like a quick shot of tequila (not that I advocate alcohol as a stimulus but certainly better than the drugs taken by the likes of Amedeo Modigliani.)

On my train journey into work on the Friday I suggested to a few members of the cohort that we should have a mini project that we could use as the basis for new work to discuss in next week’s webinars. My pitch was based around the humble pot noodle based on an image that Kevin had shared earlier of the regimented lines of food on the shop shelves. The humble pot noodle could be used in so many ways and complete the styles of my fellow students. Josie for example might make the pot noodle carton into a pinhole camera, Jo would some how incorporate the models into a fairy image. After broad support the die was cast.

At 4:30pm after the release of the week 7 topics I revealed to the group the first object of objectification. I event had a drum roll for dramatic effect.

Tomato Soup

I got a few responses including “Is that it?”

Only time will tell if this is a Hit or Miss.  

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