Southend Pier Revisited – Project


Southend-on-Sea Pier


My Tilbury to Harwich project and specifically the work related to the leisure piers has evolved significantly since my last trip to Southend-on-Sea Pier. Therefore, the intent for the shoot was to complement the strong images from their shoot in September based on the direction that has evolved with more recent visits to the three other leisure piers along the Essex coast.

Equipment Used:

Selected Canon 5DS and 24-70mm f2.8 for lens based image creation and for the non-lens based image making was done using black art paper and silver crayons.


The methodology adopted was the same as previous pier shoots where I started by shooting close-up images of the superstructure in portrait format then establishing images of the promenade desk. Walking the length of the promenade allowed me to identify interesting surfaces that I identified for non-lens based reproduction.



Research References:

No new research activities where conducted for the pier. The techniques used for the earlier shoots were refined during the shoot including taking rubbings of other parts of the pier and surrounding area.

Assessment of Outcome:

Being familiar with the pier allowed for further refinement of the image making techniques. The creation of rubbings on vertical surfaces was less successful as the masking tap used to hold the paper in place was not suitable to hold the paper in place so something like gaffer tap would be more appropriate for future shoots.

I really like the images that contain the paint marks which are a trace of decision by the maintenance team that’s certain parts of the promenade deck need to be replaced.

The shoot resulted in a strong image from the end of the pier that could act as a closing image for this segment of the project.

The second trip to Southend-on-Sea pier during this term generated in my opinion a more diverse set of images though some of them wont make the final WIP selection.



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