Exhibition Text – Activity

Having created an draft layout for the exhibition creating the wall text was the final element that remained outstanding. I decided to use elements from the invitation and a graphic to complement the text. The vision was for these two elements to be viewed as graphical elements that would partially frame the text.

The draft layout incorporates elements from the Exhibition invitation plus the graphic that was created at the inception of the project in 2016. The intention is to position the exhibition text on the right hand side by the entrance to the gallery. To keep things simple the intention is to print in black and white.

The exhibition title will be in a large font so that it can be seen from a distance within the gallery. My name as the creator behind the exhibition is above the title of the show using “Simon Fremont presents……” that suggests a level of performance or theatre about the exhibition.

The graphic of the coastline with the two ports Tilbury and Harwich being the only other reference points helps to orientate the visitor to the location of the work.

The text that describes the exhibition uses diary style headings to help position the different elements in the exhibition. This initial layout places the dates in bold drawing attention to the importance of the date.

On reflection the dates are less important than the text and therefore it might be better to make the diary entry dates a light grey to remove emphasis putting the focus on to the text that has been designed to help contextualise the work.

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