Gallery Test Layout 2 – Activity

Following the feedback from the first layouts and the feedback from the Magnum Portfolio Review I have decided to explore layout options further and experimenting with varying the scale of the images to create additional dynamic impact. I decided that 4 potential print sizes are realistic options for the size walls of the gallery A2 (420 x 594mm), A1 (594 x 840mm), B2 (500 x 707mm) and B1 (707 x 1000mm). I decided that mixing two many sizes would result destroy the dynamic nature of the layout and after careful consideration decided that combining two different sizes would be the most effect approach. My latest experiment made use of A2 and B2 sizes. The landscape images being shown on A2 paper and the portraits being shown using B2 paper.

Installation Layout, Left Wall, 5th Base Gallery, Simon Fremont, May 2018

Installation Layout, Right Wall, 5th Base Gallery, Simon Fremont, May 2018

I decided decided similar  to the first layout to maintain the horizon line across all of the landscape images. Where the portrait images contained an obvious horizon line or a relationship to the surrounding images I altered their position vertically in relation to the other images. I used a mixture of single, double and in 1 case triple landscape images to maintain the dynamic nature of the layout. 

I like the use of only two image sizes and adding more than two different sizes will disrupt the natural flow. Using A2 and B2 sizes means there is not a significant difference in scale between the portrait and landscape images which potentially does not amplify the dynamics between the details of the portrait images and the expansive landscapes. Looking at the work of Esther Teichmann who uses large 3 x 4m prints as part of her installation would not work for my project within the gallery space I have available having considered the installation views Teichmann showed in her talk at PhotoLondon.

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