Exhibition Invitation – Design

For the exhibition I decided to create an invitation that could be printed or delivered in a digital form. When working on the invitation design define some success criteria that would guide me during the design process.

The success criteria for the invitation were:

  • Design layout should relate to the exhibition material
  • Colour scheme of the invitation should relate to the exhibition
  • Sufficient space to key information

I considered multiple options:

  • Postcard that would link back the seaside postcards of created by John Hinde. Though for me the colour palette evident in Hinde’s postcards does not match with subtle colour palette in my images.
  • Flyer similar to those that are handed out to encourage when we visit the pier. I felt this did not really match to the theme of my exhibition and was not really memorable however an A5 flyer would provide sufficient space to for me include all of the relevant information for the exhibition.
  • Boarding Pass something we receive when we are waiting to depart either by boat or aircraft. The layout has sufficient space to host the required information and would allow the freedom to match the predominate colour palette from the exhibition.

After careful consideration I decided to use boarding pass as my preferred layout. Though I need to undertake some research to find a template that would help me create my custom invitations. A search on the internet found multiple examples and I found one site ayleebits.com that had a free to use blank template (Ayleebits.com, 2018)

The template was created for MS-Word however it did not provide me with the flexibility I wanted for my design so I decided to convert the layout into a photoshop file. I then decided to use are use one of my photograph as the background for the boarding pass. The remainder of the work involved adding the relevant text to the layout. The standard size of the boarding card meant that I could print 3 boarding cards per A4 sheet.

Exhibition Invitations




  • Ayleebits.com. (2018). Templates – Aylee Bits Wedding Design. [online] Available at: http://ayleebits.com/design/templates/#invitations [Accessed 28 May 2018].
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