Compiling Spaces – Activity

Traditionally when we consider exhibiting our photographs we naturally are drawn to the gallery space with it white walls and either large natural light or spot lights the focus the readers eye on the objects on display. We were asked for this activity to consider alternative spaces that could be used for exhibiting our photography. This might allow a different audience to engage with our work instead of a more traditional gallery audience.

To complete this activity, I started to compile a list of potential venues that I thought would be appropriate for my own work.

  • Local library which is a public space is some ways for far removed from the gallery construct
  • Lorry or van a small exhibition could be hosted in a transit van or a larger exhibition in a 3.5 tonne lorry. This idea appealed to me as you could part up the lorry in different car parks inviting different audiences to view the images.
  • Billboards traditionally used for advertising and I found a 7ft by 5ft examples on the edge of the local car park that could be hired for £50 a week.
  • Human exhibit in the past I considered getting my images printed on to t-shirts and asking people to wear them at an exhibition such as Photo Paris
  • Using vacant shop units. Based on the decline of city centre shops in the UK there are usually 1 or 2 vacant shop units in the High Street of town across the UK. They could potentially act as useful pop-up exhibitions using the power of social media to advertise the event.
  • Walls of local coffee shops smaller no chain cafes and coffee shops have space on their walls and therefore could provide an interesting space for a photographic exhibition especially a small scale exhibition

















I decided for the first activity to post a picture of an exhibition in a lorry.

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