Installation Plans – Activity

I decided that securing a venue was a priority as the space available would influence the number and size of images that would be exhibited in my work in progress exhibition. I started by doing some research on the internet to identify potential venues to approach supplemented by visits to the locations. I approached a few venues which generated potential leads plus some possible options if the first set of options fell through.

I approached Great Baddow Library the closest to Sandford Mill, the head librarian was very interested in the project and during the visit identified the potential exhibition space. A wall by the entrance to the library. After confirmation call on the Monday morning the gallery space was booked.

I turned my attention to planning how to use the exhibition space and how to display the images. I decided that as the images are still work in progress that I would display the images as unframed works though at this stage I am not sure if the images should be mounted directly on the wall using small pins or on Di bond and then mounted on the wall. The later would help create a level of separation between the image and the wall. Several of the images are close-up of different elements of the Water Treatment plant and therefore some form of border would help direct the readers gaze especially as the wall is a dark blue and some of the dark images might get lost even if they are mounted on Di bond.

The following sketch is my initial layout plan for the exhibition using the vertical panel dividers as a feature within the exhibition space.

Draft Exhibition Layout




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