European Union Member States – Activity

The United Kingdom’s departure from Europe in March 2019 will leave 27 member state within the European Union. Though my photographic project focuses on points of departure using water as medium for travel today we are more likely to visit Europe using air travel. When departing from those member states via an airport we are likely to see an iconographic representation of an aircraft departing and the word departure in the national language of the different countries. Therefore I decided to explore the different words used for departure across the European Union the list below has the list of translations for the word departure. 

This provides me with the opportunity to create a textual piece exploring departure from a different perspective. Using a different form of representation that of text helps to position the different perspective of the equation. My intention is to incorporate this into a single piece representing the unity of the remaining 27 members of the European Union in contrast to the United Kingdom.

My intention is to display the different words on a check-in monitor from Heathrow Terminal 1 which was the main terminal for short haul flights to Europe prior to its redevelopment.

The word departure in the language of the other 27 member states

  • Germany – abfahrt
  • France – départ
  • Italy – partenza
  • Spain – salida
  • Netherlands – vertrek
  • Portugal – saída
  • Greece – αναχώρηση
  • Sweden – avresa
  • Poland – wyjazd
  • Cyprus – αναχώρηση
  • Romania – plecare
  • Czech Republic – odchod
  • Croatia – odlazak
  • Bulgaria – тръгване
  • Hungary – indulás
  • Ireland – imeacht
  • Austria – abfahrt
  • Finland – lähtö
  • Denmark – afgang
  • Belgium – départ
  • Malta – tluq
  • Lithuania – išvykimas
  • Slovakia – odlet
  • Slovenia – odhod
  • Estonia – lahkumine
  • Latvia – izlidošana
  • Luxembourg – fort

What I need to consider is if I include other information into the piece beyond the words for departure. Using this check-in monitor I need to decide if I will mimic  the layout of the check-in when creating this piece.

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