Portfolio Review – Steve Tynan – F2F Workshop

During the face to face event at Falmouth I arranged a number of portfolio reviews. For my review with Steve Tynan I shared the fashion and lifestyle portfolio of images fashion-and-lifestyle-portfolio-18th-february-2018 that I have built up over the last 4 years to gauge how commercial the work is compared to the fine art images that have been my focus during the MA.

Steve considered the images to be technically proficient well executed in terms of lighting and styling. Though he expressed interest to understand if others had contributed to styling or if they we directed by myself. They cam across has being very controlled in the posing of the models and the stylisation of the outfits and accessories.

He felt that the sitter would be very happy with the resulting images which is consistent with the feedback I have had from the models that I work with on shoots. He felt that it was difficult to see the photographer in the images. It is a comment that I am not sure how to fully contextualise as there was no creative team involved in the process apart from the model and myself. After thinking about this feedback I read it mean that the images could have been created by any number of technically proficient photographers and therefore he could not see the unique that represent me as a creative force.

He asked to see the fine art portfolio http://fineart.photography/fine-art-portfolio-18th-february-2018/ here he felt it was possible to see me as a photographer at work and the different creative choices that had been made to create the different bodies of work within the portfolio. I explained that use of time was a key aspect to my photography in its different forms. Extending or compressing time within the frame or drawing from image styles from different periods to support the passing of time.

I have only done a limited number of fashion and lifestyle shoots during the MA so it will be interesting to see how my fine art photography will crossover into my more commercially orientated work. 

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