Theme And – Concepts

I walk along Chiswell Street at least twice a day but it was only when Jo Sutherest set ‘And’ as the theme for the Photography Interlude did I realise that there are so many examples of and all around us. In the case & is the iconic representation of the word ‘and’.









The next image I produced is titled salt and paper where I decided to use salt and pepper sachets to create a indexical representation of part of a checkerboard. The image was partly influenced Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup pop art images.












The final image for this theme was based on the idea of creating an image that is an index of fish and chips wrapped in traditional paper. In this case rather than taking pictures of battered fish and chips I decided to capture images of the food before it becomes the end product yet by putting the two together the reader would naturally see fish and chips.



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