I arranged a tutorial with Gary to review my draft Work in Progress  portfolio. 

The portfolio prepared for the review was based on a sub-selection of images used for the Book Dummy.


I decided to annotate the Images in the PDF with the feedback from the session. The attached PDF is the version post the tutorial and includes feedback.

The feedback included some framing observations which I will consider as part of the process of revising the portfolio. For a couple of the images we discussed what meaning a reader could infer from the image. One example was the aerial image of the building which could assume a number of means. The first is a factual meaning similar to the image we might observe in applications like Google Maps. The second reading is saying something about the relationship between the Water Treatment Works and its source of raw material the navigation canal.

In this version of the WIP I looked to explore the use of rephotography by referencing images created for the brochure used as part of the facilities opening ceremony.