WIP Clinic – Activity

I have two focus areas for week 10 the first is preparing a revised Work in Progress presentation for this week’s webinar and final preparation activites for my Photowalk on the 6th August.

Work in Progress Review

I like to write and draw on pictures as part of the editing process to remind me what needs to be altered before final publication. I used to run draft prints on cheap photocopier paper at this stage of the workflow and put into a physical journal for later reference. Now that our journals have moved to a digital form I have been keen to keep as much of the workflow in the digital domain. The latest version of Adobe’s PDF reader linked to iPad and Apple Pen means I can now annotate in real-time during the WIP workshop and save it as a digital copy

The PDF presented in the workshop plus alterations based on feedback provided by the group to my work in progress portfolio based on a revised following the review with Gary.


Overall the feedback from peers was useful suggesting that the portfolio only requires minor tweaks. It was interesting that the image of the rapid settling tanks that I had changed following the Module Tutor feedback session was the image that generated most feedback across the group.

David Ellison found the images of the waste chemicals at the bottom of the hopper and the peeling ceiling paint interesting images. I would agree they are both strong images showing the by-product created from water treatment process and advanced industrial decay in the building both are the result chemical reactions with water the first intended and the other unintended 

Preparation for Photowalk

I decided to market my Photowalk through Meetup.com rather than Everbrite. The reason for that decision is that my workshop is a social activity as well as educational which I felt better aligned with the audience on Meetup.com. 

I decided to market the photowalk in both walking and photographic groups to appeal to a broader set of interest groups. I launched the meetup group at the end of July and within 48 hours had over 50 people interested in joining the group which prompted me to change my subscription level on meetup.com to allow more people to join. Mid way through the week I had reached my target group size of 6 people will 7 people signed-up. Though based on feedback from other photographers who use meetup.com I expected to get a number of no shows on the day especially as I was not asking people to pay in advance.

Based on the advice from Meetup.com on running successful events, on the Saturday I sent a final e-mail to all of the people who had signed-up to the event with joining instruction plus emergency contact details. 

Checked weather forecast checked my own camera equipment and made sure I had first aid supplies in my backpack. 

All ready for the photowalk.

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