WIP and the Future – Activty

I considered the following questions are part of this weeks activities:

  • What will you work on?
  • What could you improve?
  • What would you do the same?
  • What would you do differently?

For my work in progress portfolio my plans are to review the final selection of images, make decisions on the captions that will be applied to each image and compile a CRJ entry that will contextualise the portfolio.

Looking forward I plan to refine the locations that I will visit as part of my main project ‘Tilbury to Harwich’ and then create a schedule that allows me to visit the selected locations multiple times over the remainder of the MA. This will allow me to introduce repeat photography into my project as I want to explore how the selected locations change in a 12 month period. In parallel, I plan to undertake research to incorporate data related to those locations introducing further meaning to the work.

I Intend to run monthly photowalks in parallel to my project work to refine this surface within my practice.  As this is  the least developed surface within my practice I could provided a useful channel to engage with an audience interested in exploring the Essex coastline. Appealing to walks creates the possibility that my practice could extend beyond the people interested in photobooks and appeal to people interested in walking.

For main project I will reduce the diversity of apparatus that I use for image making within specific projects.  I plan to improve my record keeping with respect to each shoot. This additional information will allow me to reflect on themes emerging for the different images taken at the different locations. The additional information will aid the execution of repeat photography activities within practice.  I believe I can further refine my technique with respect to isolation of the key elements within the frame.

When creating work I am thinking about the surface of viewing and this is something I will continue to do as part of my methodology.  My willingness to exploit hunches is something I want to encourage within practice as these hunches have created interesting and different work which might be lost with a narrow strategy of seeing. I will push against the apparatus to ensure it does not constraint me within practice when pursuing a hunch. I feel I achieve a good balance between time spent creating work and activities allocated to production of work for exhibition and publication. In this module the decision to experiment with different apparatus has been beneficial to improve my understanding of how I select apparatus for each project. I plan to continue to have multiple apparatus available at the core of my practice but will limit the specific apparatus used on a specific project.

For the exhibition I created an online survey to get feedback from the audience which has proved useful giving me additional insight into how people engage with the work. This is something I will include in future exhibitions.

For “Last person to leave turn off the tap” I would have spent more time gathering research material before creating images for the project. I would have liked to gather more archival material which I feel would have added more depth to the story.  I need to listen to my  inner creative voice more during the editing processing sometimes I over thought the editing process and when peers provided feedback it took me broadly back to my inituitive position that internally I had not been able to articulate at the time. I plan to install a whiteboard in my office so that I can print work and view explore different sequences overtime. Additionally I plan to make sketches and pin those to the project board.

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