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During my portfolio review with Sarah Thomson she asked if I had produced a press release for the exhibition to which my response was no it is not something that I had planned to do until closer to the show. She suggested I should give it a higher priority so I can send it to newspapers to help generate increased interest in the show especially as work related to Brexit has a currency at the current time. This probably why the title for the Brighton Biennial is the ‘The New Europe’ (Photoworks, 2018).

I decide to advance this piece of work in my overall schedule. This is the first time I have created a press release so I decided to look for examples of press releases for contemporary photographers. I found two press releases that I felt were relevant. The first from Merrie Albion exhibition for Simon Roberts at Flowers Gallery (Simon Roberts, 2018) and the second a press release for an Edward Burtynsky’s exhibition at UNB Art Centre (Fred-E-Scene, 2018).

Analysing both press releases it was clear there is common information to include in a press release.

  • Title of the Exhibition
  • Dates of the show plus any private viewing
  • The location of the venue
  • Images for the exhibition to give potential viewers and idea of what they are likely to see.
  • Text provides details about the following:
    • Text explaining the period over which the work was created
    • Description that contextualise the work outside of the an art context. In my case the drivers behind my selection and creation of work being driven by how I feel about the changing boundary with Europe
    • A summary of the types of works included in the exhibition in my case it is landscapes, piers and abstract images. I have kept the description a little bit loose as I still have decisions on the exact formats that will be used to present the work.
    • A short biography of shows and awards. I included my group show from 2017 and other awards.

The above provided me with a basic structure for my press release. I created the Press Release using a basic word template and converted the final out into a pdf to ensure the layout and format would not get altered when it is sent via email to the picture editors at the target press organisations: Financial Times, Guardian, Independent, Evening Standard and Essex Chronicle (the later was included as my local weekly publication as Essex does not have a daily newspaper.)



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