LensCulture Portrait Competition – Portfolio Review

As part of improving my visibility I have been entering competitions including a number on LensCulture. For this competition I submitted a group of 5 images that cover some recent portrait work plus a couple of older images from my portfolio. 

Lensculture Portrait Review

Reviewer Feedback


It was interesting that the more recent portrait images submitted were viewed as the stronger images which is a reflection on the way my photographic style has continued to develop over the last couple of years in genres outside of those that I am shooting for my MA projects. The second element I found interesting was the fact that the images that incorporated more environment compared to the earlier images where I had selected a very tight crop to capture the sitter. The other element that was a pleasant surprise was the feedback on the titles that I had selected for the images in the portrait portfolio.

The feedback was very encouraging and suggest that when I apply an appropriate level of attention to my image making I can create strong images that have the potential to say something different from the ordinary or mundane.




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