Jonas Bendiksen – Magnum Portfolio Review

For my portfolio review with Jonas we focused on the images associated with the Points of Departure work. I spread the images across the table and similar to the portfolio review with Sarah I explained the intended outcome for the images and the current thinking with respect to proposed layout. Jonas stated he would not find such a layout very engaging. He identified a number of images that he found engaging such as the triptych from Two Tree Island with the moored boats and the slipway. He found the deck rubbing of interest and the images of the pier superstructures and proposed a layout where the different images were interleaved together.

Other images in the series he felt were to obvious and therefore did not engage him. Others he felt were two dimensional which is where the point of interest is within a single focal plan and the flat lighting of the blue hour does not provide natural depth to the image.

Some of the other photographers liked the images from Harwich Pier with the pier lights shining on the water which Charmaine Evans felt was an interesting counterpoint between the blue ambient light and the yellow from the tungsten lights on the pier.

He asked when the work will be shown which he felt meant I still had plenty of time to shoot additional material and experiment further with the subject.

The feedback from this portfolio review has given me a number of things to consider firstly the idea of reintroducing work from the previous module into the final edit for the exhibition especially those images that use the abstract form derived from deck rubbing and the vertical structures from the piers.

Based on my schedule for the module I had allowed myself until the middle of June to conclude the shooting for the exhibition. Though given the time required to consider images and create the final edit I now intend to conclude the image capture stage by the end of May allowing June for making the final image selection and editing those images for printing and framing.

Author, 2018, Magnum Portfolio Review Selection 1

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