Sarah Thomson – Magnum Portfolio Review

For my portfolio Review with Sarah Thomson showed work from the ‘Sustainable Prospects’ Work in Progress portfolio plus new work from this module. I provided a summary of the project and the back story behind the work. Then explained that the project will be exhibited in August in London.

I explained the current proposed linear hang. Sarah suggest that I should consider alternative approaches for displaying the images. Interleaving images such as the deck rubbings and the underside of the superstructure that were created during the previous module.

Installation Shoot, Tate Modern, Wolfgang Tillmans, 2017
Installation Shoot, Tate Modern, Wolfgang Tillmans, 2017

Sarah though I could maybe arrange the images in clusters similar to the work of Wolfgang Tillmans and then leave space between the image clusters. (Reflection: This requires further experimentation and I have a ordered a series of 6×4 prints from PhotoBox to allow me to explore different layouts on the wall.)

Given the references to Brexit she suggested I approach a number of newspapers art buyer departments with a covering note and a press release for my exhibition to garner interest in creating article about my work. (Reflection: I was not planning to create the press release for the exhibition for a few more weeks now I need to look at accelerating that task to allow me to contact different newspapers from an editorial perspective.)

After reviewing the work for my Final Major Project I showed images from my A3 portfolio that contains images from the different micro projects that I have created during the MA. Overall she felt the images were well produced and covered the brief for each subject in an informed and engaging manner. She identified references to artists such as Mark Power and Simon Roberts.

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