Canvey Island Eastern Esplanade – Project


Canvey Island Eastern Esplanade


To record the scenes of the Jetty on Canvey Islands Eastern Esplanade

Equipment Used

Canon 5Ds with Sigma 35mm f1.4, Tripod and remote trigger


Due the wide dynamic range of the scene between the shadows around the pier and the highlights in the lights and rides it was decided to bracket the exposure and then merge them in pre-post production step to create a High Dynamic Range images that would then be taken into post production.


Canvey Island Eastern Esplanade, April 2018
Canvey Island Eastern Esplanade, April 2018

Research References

No additional research material was identified for the shoot.

Assessment of outcome

The Jetty at Canvey Island is a small Jetty used to launch Dingies from the near by sailing club. These images were again shot at low tide.

The first image was recorded from the Jetty and used a 5 bracket exposure. On the horizon line you can see the coast across from Essex in the context of Brexit the land could represent Europe and the proximity to UK.

The second image was shot off to one side of the Jetty. The rocks visible in the water project a path of travel even though they do not provide means for the reader to progress into the scene unlike the image of the Jetty.

These images are shoot about 40 minutes apart and the change in lighting helps to provide an interesting indicator of the passing of time. 


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