Initial visit to Framemaker

As part of my final major project proposal I allocated a budget of £2,000 to cover printing costs as the design of exhibition starts to take shape I felt it was time to explore framing options. Having experimented with a number of different papers from Hahnemuhle I decided it I should arrange to speak to my local framer to confirm costings and confirm the time required to frame the images for exhibition.

Framing Sketch, March 2018

Based on the size of the gallery space and the number of images that I might want to exhibit I decided to create a basic framing layout based on A2 prints with a 7cm surround and a narrow metal frame. The idea was that the frames would merge into the white walls of the gallery. Having created an initial sketch in my notebook I visited a local framer that I have used in the past but only for framing single images rather than a complete group of images.

Framer, March 2018

Gallery 43 are based in Chelmsford and therefore are local to me which will help reduce the complexity of logistics around the exhibition as moving 20+ framed images will require a reasonable amount of space. For other shows such as the group exhibition in October 2017 transportation and size of the exhibition space were factors along with the subject that made me decided to print directly on to aluminium. The 5th Base Gallery is a bigger space and there is parking space outside the exhibition venue which meant I could explore larger framed prints for the exhibition.

The initial consultation was with one of the members of staff at Gallery 43. Construction time for framing the approximate number of prints would be two weeks to ensure contingency during the final stage of production my intention would be to deliver the prints for framing at the start of July creating a two week float to address unforeseen problems. The framing cost before any discount was applied for 700mm x 500mm frames was £93.00 with non-reflective glass.

The framers provide me with a contact for a screen printer who might be able to produce the artwork and text to support the exhibition.

Overall a productive meeting that confirms that budget and plan for the project are still achievable without the need to make major changes at this stage of the project.

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