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The first activity for week 7 was sell a print.

In the past in many cases I have tended to give my work away without receiving money in return.

Does this mean that I do not value my work? That was probably true in the beginning of my photographic career as I was looking for recognition which can also be viewed as a form of payment. Wow someone liked my work enough to want to have a copy but wait a minute not enough to part with hard cold money (but what is money it is way of facilitating trade.) This made me think of the fact I have sold prints in the past instead of paying a model for a shoot I will trade prints for their time as a sitter. It is just that it is a form of barter where we agreed a reasonable number of prints for the length of time they model for me. Typically, I might give them glass a dozen images for a couple of hours modelling time.

At the London Photo Show I decided that I would have my artwork for sale so that anyone interested could buy one of the images. As I mentioned earlier I do not find it easy to price work I decided that I was not going to sell my work lower than cost I incurred to get it printed at the printers and then I decided to apply a multiplication factor to get to a price that I felt was reasonable or fair value. I decided to price my limited edition Chromaluxe prints at £350 each which felt reasonable compared to other work on display at the show. Unfortunately, I did not get any buyers during the show. The body of work will now move to being for sale via an online gallery I am refreshing on my website

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