Maldon Promenade – Project


Maldon Promenade


The intent of the shoot was to take a series of images that capture a Sunday walk along the promenade at Maldon.

Equipment Used

I decided to take the DSLR with a single 50mm f1.4 lens.


I decided to adopt a methodology similar to the pier shoots for this walk focusing on the promenade and the objects that I see as we walk along the coast.



Assessment of outcome

Using a fixed focal length automatically changes the way you work as it forces you to change position and location to get the desired composition. The day was clear therefore presented challenges with dynamic range in the autumn mid day sun. I managed to create some solid contextual images similar to the ones taken on the piers. The promenade similar to a number of the piers has benches with plaques recording the life of a lover family member. During our walk a family arrived to scatter ashes into the sea from the end of the promenade. For ethical reasons i decided not to intrude on what was a private family event though we did speak to them briefly after the ceremony. The images taken provided a useful comparison to the 4 piers however I did not view the work to be of sufficient strength to make the shortlist for this modules Work in Progress plus it would have appeared out of place with the other work.

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