Test Prints Paper Selection – Activity

Having created a shortlist of images for the exhibition and completed a number of test layouts it is time to make decisions the print method and type of paper that will transform my vision from virtual form in the digital domain into the physical realisation. The intention is to mount the images on the wall using a frameless method with the prints mounted on a foamex substrate to give the print structure. The images will be either A1 or A2 in size. The paper and print method selected needed to enhance the images.

Based on the print size there were two options available Inkjet and C-Type. Using inkjet would allow a wider range of paper stock to be considered for the project at the expense of the more subtle graduation of colour available. Based on the fact the the landscape have blue as the predominant colour with large expanses after careful consideration it was decided to select a C-Type printing method over inkjet which is the method that has been used for earlier work during the course.

I having decided on a print method the next decision was paper stock. Printspace the selected prints for the project offer 4 types of C-Type paper. I decided that the metallic paper would not be suitable for the project This left 3 possible paper options. I eliminated the Fuji Flex paper as it has a yellow colour cast which did not fit with the overall colour palette of the predominant images.  This left two paper stock options Fuji Matt and Fuji Gloss. The Fuji Matt paper is really a Semi-Matt which was similar to the Hahnmuhle Fine Art paper that I had selected for earlier prints for the project.

I decided to order 4 test prints each of both the Fuji Gloss and Fuji Matt paper at A4 size to help make a final selection on paper stock. The images selected for the test run needed to be a representative sample of the overall exhibition. I selected the following 4 images.


Author, 2018, Fuji Matt or Fuji Gloss

The test prints arrived within 48 hours of being ordered. Reviewing the test prints placing each pair of images next two each other I decided that the Fuji Matt presented the best option to represent my vision for the project.

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