Newspaper Pitch Feedback – Activity

A few days after my emails to the newspapers I receive my first reply from Andy Greenacre at the Telegraph. The email was short and polite, he thanked me for my proposal and informed me that the newspaper was planning on running a Brexit piece though unfortunately they had already selected another story for the article.

Though the rejection was a disappointment it confirmed I had at least reached 1 of the people on my target list. It validated the fact that the subject was a subject being considered by at least 1 newspaper. On the negative side it did not confirm if level of information contained within the pitch was sufficient, too little or too much to convert a proposal into a potential meeting.

During a recent talk at Photographers Gallery between David Hurn and Simon Roberts, Simon mentioned that he pitched ideas to publications as a way of getting commissions because if the publication like the images in the pitch they already know that they have the perfect photographer to deliver images for the final article as they have seen samples of your work in the context of the article.

The experience has given me confidence to adopt the same approach with future ideas that I feel might be appropriate for dissemination through the print medium.

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