Searching for a Writer – Activity

To contextualise the exhibition I wanted to explore the option of collaborating with a writer. I decided explore a number of options to identify potential writers who could provide a journalistic perspective to the project.

My first avenue of was to reach out via my network of contacts as during training a few years ago the training company I used had arranged for me to be interviewer by a member of the Sky News team. I decided to contact Mark and Stella to see if they had a suitable contact who might be interested to join the project.

The second avenue I explored was to place an advertisement on a forum for freelancers specifically journalists. My advertisement on there outlined my project and the fact I had a small budget for project.

At the current time neither of these approaches have resulted in any responses to my search for a journalist.

Update: 19th March

Due to the lack of response from my initial searches I have done some research to identify local universities with creative writing and journalism sources. The University of Essex is one such university. I have therefore made an initial approach to the head of faculty Dr Elizabeth Jkuti to explore if she is willing to share my proposal with students. After the Easter break I will follow-up with a telephone call.

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