Networking – Activity

People tell me networking is important which I am sure is true. Though I always consider networking to be a very abstract term I think it probably should be called “Communicating with purpose.”

A list of my networking related activities over the last 5 days:

Exhibited the project from my last module at the London Photo Show (Strand Gallery) and discussed the work with a number of people attending the preview evening.

Attended Chelmsford Museum open day on Sunday and discussed a collaboration with the director of the museum to record current exhibits that will go into storage at end of 2017 when the museum starts its redevelopment work. The resulting images will become part of the museums permenant archive.

Discussion on potential permenant exhibition last modules work with another curator at the museum who is providing an introduction to developers at the site.

I currently reviewing a list of competitions to enter with deadlines over the next week. There are a few that look interesting in terms of supporting practice mission and vision. I have entered LensCulture competition to be exhibited at Klompching Gallery in New York. Alternatively my work could be selected for exhibition as part of LensCultures online exhibition. 

I have been a member of the Societies and The Freelancer Club for a few years but don’t really exploit those networks which is something I am planning to rectify over the coming months the challenges of running a photography practice in parallel with another job. Getting a work-life-work balance is a challenge.

Putting together this list together makes me realise that I do have the basis of a photographic network and I am making use of that network though I feel that more could be done to get maximum benefit out of the networking activities that I currently undertake.

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