Strategies of Sharing – Reflection

In creating with week’s reflection I have considered the following items:

  • Your experience of the week's activities and any feedback received from peers and tutors
  • Any reconsiderations to the core methodology of your project
  • The forms your project / photographs could potentially take moving forward

The week’s second activity was a group activity and the first time I have collaborated with Philip, Rita and Katie. My overall impression is that everyone in the group contributed to the task is equal measures bringing their own experiences and skills to the tasks. Everyone gave each other time to express their views yet at the same time those discussion did nt negatively impact the our ability to deliver by the deadline so that we could share the outcome with in the Thursday and Friday webinars. (For a more detailed discussion on the work to create the zine can be found in post Making a Zine – Activity.)

For the webinar we agree a presentation approach where all members of the team would contribute to the presentation. Philip provided an intro, I shared the trailer, Rita walked through the PDF version and Katie explained details about some of the group decisions. As a group we all contributed to the discussion sharing our experiences.

We had good feedback on the zine including quality of end product and the work required to get achieve the outcome. There was recognition and confirm that the peers and tutors could understand our decisions. The use of landscape was commented on and its ability to create a stillness on the virtual window sills. There were positive comments on our decision to group images and make the individual pages different.

We were pleased with the level of response we got to our request for window sill images with some people contributing multiple images. Crowdsourcing is something that is new for me and my practice but based on the this week’s experience it is something that I am considering incorporating into my practice. Crowdsourcing could give me access to historical images of the Essex Coastline that currently do not exist in my own archive allowing me to incorporate these images using a mix of Strategies of Mediation and Strategies of Looking.

I am particularly interested if I can incorporate images Essex Coastline from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s into the project. Though the exact form this would take is something that requires further consideration. There are a number of different ways I could incorporate those images into my own project, potential ideas are:

  • to use the work of  Chino Otsuka (Otsuka, 2017) as an inspiration and impose myself into other people family photographs
  • to use those photographs to superimpose the current coastal resorts which are in need of regeneration using Shimon Attie (Attie, 2017) as inspiration.


  • Attie. (2017). The Writing on the Wall | Shimon Attie. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 Aug. 2017].
  • Otsuka, (2017). [online] Available at: and [Accessed 17 Aug. 2017].
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