Project – Re-seeing Childhood – Creation (Revisited)

As the Childhood Memories project developed it was decided that the working title of Childhood Memories did not really accurately reflect the body of work and therefore it was decided to rename the series to ‘Re-seeing Childhood’ as the images being created are an interpretation of based on the combining family images with those captured during business trips.

As the creation phase of the project developed it I decided that the restriction of just varying the exposure ratio between did not provide me with enough flexibility to balance the exposure of the two images which prompted me to look for different solutions for creating the double exposure images while retaining as much of the analogue workflow as possible. I decided to swop the Canon M5 for the Canon 5D MkIII that allows for multiple exposure images in camera. This would now allow me to adjust the exposure between the two frames of the double exposure.


The following sequence of images show how changing the exposure level independently on each image of the double exposure provides additional creative options when balancing the images compared to the original approach.

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