2017 – Re-seeing childhood


Re-seeing Childhood was conceived at the end of 2016 and executed in the March 2017. 

Over the Christmas period I asked my parents if they still had images taken during my childhood. I was given a box of loose slides as my father had predominantly captured images using 35mm transparencies rather than the more popular 35mm negative film used by most hobby photographers.

Transparencies are a similar to the digital image they are partially resolved the represent a final image yet they are not fully resolved because they can not be viewed without additional apparatus.

The box contained slides from multiple films I spent time looking at the wooden box deciding how I would engage with the slides. I eventually decided I would select handful of random slides, place them in the holders and view the resulting sequence. Looking through these random populations I released the images started to fit into two groups. Images taken on family holidays as we grew up and those images taken while my father was away on business which represented a period of separation within the family unit. I remember that when he returned from business trips the films would be shared with the family as slide shows that he would narrate allowing us see distant places and cities.

Armed with this information I considered how to handle re-ordering the family photographic archive. I decided against a traditional representation of the family album and decided to create new work from these images by combining the images of family with travel.

This approach resulted in the body of work “Re-seeing Childhood”. 

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