Ducati 748R Single Lap Donnington Park

A double measure of passion riding a Ducati at Donnington Park. The 748R is one of the greatest supersport motorbikes ever created by the Ducati and was built in small numbers to homologate the motorbike for WSS racing.
Donnington Park is a special place in the hearts of motorcycle racers with the flowing corners from Redgate to MacLeans including the superb Craner Curves.

This lap was shot using the Panasonic SV-AV10 one of the first miniture solid state video cameras with a resolution of 320×240. The bodywork of the Ducati was specially modified to house the camera where the headlights would normally sit.


Update: Feb 2010: Sadly following the aborted attempt to bring Formula 1 cars to Donnington Park it is not currently possible to ride around the circuit. Let’s hope that is this circuit is returned to its former glory in the near future.

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