Snetterton 300 Trackday in a Caterham R300

I have been to Snetterton Circuit in Norfolk many times over the years both for trackdays and race meeting always on Motorbikes though. Snetterton used to have a reputation of shall we say being a little dull.

Two long straights linked together by a few corners. Once you exited the formally know Russell Bend you just open the throttle hard and go up the gears as you hit the rev limiter and similar approach on the old Revett Straight. Breaking for Esses from speed requires care and attention especially in the wet. A slightly remodelled version of Snetterton provides access to that old configuration known as Snetterton 200. Today we would be drving on the longest track configuration known as Snetterton 300 with the multi-corner infield section.

The weather was a perfect September day with almost clear skies and amazingly an almost empty paddock. Let the fun commence.

The video is from a lap recorded in the afternoon as I started to explore more of the R300s potential.

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