Pecha Kucha – Presentation

On the evening of the 30th January I did my Pecha Kucha presentation with Josie Purcell, Jedd Giffen and Jo Sutherst using the Crowdcast platform. Due to technical problems it was not possible for Jo to present however I did get to hear about Josie and Jedd’s projects which I have not had a chance to follow closely during the last module as we were in different groups.

Josie’s project continues to be a very coherent story around the environment and the coastline of Cornwall and the fact that sand is a scare resource. He practice is based around the use of sustainable photography through the use of cyanotype prints. Here presentation was measured and very coherent.

Jedd’s project is based around Bee’s and impact that pesticides have on them and ultimately on the ecosystem that they co-exist within. What I did not understand about his presentation was statements about what makes a photography and references to Vivienne Westwood and fashion. At the end of his presentation I was left wondering how those topics might shape the final outcome of his project. Apart from this question there is clear evidence of evolution within his practice and the exploration of different ways to present the subject of Bees and pesticides.

My own presentation was ok apart from the fact I shared a draft version of the presentation instead of the in final version. Overall the version used was close to my final one apart from the inclusion of a more detailed project plan and a few minor tweaks to the slides.

I have attached a version of the slides that I was meant to present for the Pecha Kucha.


Overall I was pleased with my presentation as I felt I delivered the key messages in the timeframe and and the feedback from others was consistent with the material presented. Though there was room for improvement including ensuring that I used the correct version of the presentation. I would also have liked more time to have completed a couple of dry runs to ensure that delivery was smoother.

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