Book Dummy Two – Activity

When creating the second book dummy it was suggested that we create a physical dummy of the book and record a video of someone viewing the book. Having experimented with this approach for my zine in week 1 and due to limited time create the dummy and prepare for the webinar where it would be shared I decided to use a complete digital workflow and use the additional time to focus on page and book layout rather than repeat a production cycle that I had explored in previously in the module.

I terms of layout I decided that I wanted to produce a square format book with the pages using a consistent layout. I experimented with two different layouts a full-page bleed and use of a white border to frame the image. The full-page bleed would have allowed the reader to have a feeling that the image extends beyond the page while the white border is drawing the reader into the image asking them to consider the object on the page rather than what might be just outside of the frame. I decided to use blank pages to create natural breaks between image sequences. In the book, there are photographs that are rephotography of images from the original brochure and for those images I decided to place the images on opposite pages so that the reader could consider the two images as diptych.

Book creation was done using Lightroom’s Book module and then transferred to Blurb to create a virtual version of the book complete with page turning animation. I then recorded the reading of the book using Screenflow. The final stage was the addition of a sound track to the final and then publishing the video on Vimeo.


BookDummy2 from Simon Fremont on Vimeo.

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