Project- Re-seeing Childhood – Contextualisation

During Module two I decided to undertake two mini projects the first Series is titles “Re-seeing Childhood” and explores my childhood memories from the perspective of an adult. I was not born with a camera in my hand like many families the first images recorded are see through the gaze of a parent and in my case it was my father. This is not the first project to explore the re-seeing of childhood or to use multiple exposure imaging techniques.

‘Re-seeing Childhood’ uses double exposure images at its core to allowing me to combine to distinct aspects of my father’s images those of the family and the others images from his travels around the world for business. These two series of images came together in the family slideshows where we would all sit down together to view the slides that had recently returned from the processing lab.






Chino created a series titled ‘Imagine Finding me’ in this series introduced her older self into those images stand next or close by her younger self. If you did not know the story behind the series you could be forgiven for thinking that the images are of a mother and daughter standing together. The titling of the images helps the reader understand the time difference the capturing of the first and second images that combined together create the final impression of a mother daughter image.





Andre de Freitas has created a series of images called double exposures that combine images of people with landscape images where the person appears either as a trace image imposed upon the background or in silhouette where the silhouette of the face acts as a frame for the landscape image. These later images are similar to the work produced by photographer Sara K Byrne an American photographer. It is the non-silhouette images that contain parallels to the creative process used for my ‘Re-seeing Childhood’.








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