Project – City Canyons – Creation (Revisited)

As the City Canyon’s project has developed further there has been a need to revise some elements of the processes used to create the images that will form the basis of the final edit. I was decided not to change the basic acquisition process as the source images were creating plenty of options for the compositing stage in the process. The decision to use a power of 2 reduction from layer to meant that the last few layers only  induced very subtle effects that did not really add detail to the final image. This was confirmed when running test prints at the printers, therefore it was decided to explore alternative options as the printer could not really resolve opacities below 10%. After some experimentation it was decided to use 10% steps in opacity between each layer and restrict the number of layers to a maximum of 10 layers. While creating the different images I would start with a group of 10 images and tune the number down until the resulting image achieved the final result I wanted. These decisions were taken on an image by image basis based on the content of the frames when composited together.

For this particular image 6 layers was determined to be the optimal number. 











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